Ear Wax Build Up?

Earwax is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in ear health. Learn all you need to know about earwax below.

What’s the main cause of ear wax

Many of us are familiar with earwax and probably don’t think much about it. But why do we have earwax in the first place? Well, earwax is beneficial for the protection of our ears and overall ear health, and that’s why our bodies naturally produce it.

Excessive earwax can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema, or by irritation of the ear canal from things like earbuds or hearing aids. The accumulation of earwax can also occur as you age, as earwax tends to become drier and harder, or due to having a narrow ear canal.

What is ear wax?

Earwax is like a built-in cleaner for your ears. It helps keep your ears safe from germs and dirt that can cause infections. Your body makes earwax naturally, and it can be yellow, orange, or brown. Usually, your body makes just enough earwax to keep your ears healthy. But sometimes the wax can get hard and cause problems like trouble hearing or feeling uncomfortable.

Issues caused by earwax

Untreated accumulation of earwax may result in hearing impairment, ear irritation, pain, dizziness, tinnitus, and other related complications. In most instances, impacted earwax does not pose significant danger, and its associated symptoms alleviate with proper treatment.

We can help!

Dealing with stubborn earwax? It’s time to seek professional help to safely remove that build-up.


Microsuction is an easy and safe way to remove excess ear wax. It’s done by using a medical suction unit with a small tip that is inserted into the ear canal. The tip has a small opening at its end, creating a vacuum that removes any excess wax inside the ear canal.

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Carney James TurnerCarney James Turner
17:56 21 Feb 22
Top job by Ben and his team. Easy booking system online, and I had an ear so full of nonsense I was listening to mono albums at maximum volume. within minutes, I was back in the stereo game. Thank you!
Jean RichardsonJean Richardson
23:32 04 Feb 22
Attended on an appointment to have my left ear unblocked. This was my first visit. I was greeted by Caren the receptionist who soon put me at my ease. Ben who carried out the procedure checked my right ear and told me that it didn't need treatment. The procedure was all over in 15 minutes in a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Caren, Ben and Archie the dog. 😊
Charlie HolmanCharlie Holman
16:09 19 Jan 22
Friendly, professional and affordable service. I had ear wax removal and the service was amazing. I would 100% recommend the service!
Michael BrosnahanMichael Brosnahan
10:15 30 Nov 21
As I needed both of my ears unblocking, after much research, I contacted Express Hearing. The receptionist was extremely helpful and answered all of my various questions efficiently and in a most friendly manner. I attended my appointment yesterday (29th Nov 21) and I received fantastic treatment by Ben, the audiologist. His customer care was first class and the procedure was effectively carried out with great care. The suction method proved to be far superior to the usual ear syringing at the doctors. Any future ear or hearing problems that I may experience, I will not hesitate to make an appointment to consult Ben, the business owner. I can highly recommend Ben at Express hearing.
Craig DoorbarCraig Doorbar
23:50 15 Nov 21
This business is fantastic! They fitted me in the same day- as I had lost the hearing in my left ear- Caren- the receptionist was extremely welcoming- there was a gorgeous dog there too that said hello.The man that treated me was named Ben - he was fantastic ! 10 minutes later or so - my hearing was returned!!! Brilliant service and excellent customer service !! Thank you!! I cannot thank you or recommend you enough ! 5 Stars from me😀

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