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Have you ever thought about all the wonderful things our ears do for us? Probably not, and it’s easy to take our ears for granted. But as soon as something goes wrong, your day-to-day life is affected. If you’ve noticed any changes or have any concerns with your hearing, book in a free 15 minute appointment with us. At this appointment, you’ll respond to a series of sounds played through headphones which is part of a general check of the health of your ears and a hearing screen.


To hear the world around you

Are you struggling to hear the people around you? If you miss even a word, it could mean missing out on an important part of a conversation.

If you have any concerns about your hearing, it might be time to think about getting it checked out.


Your mental wellbeing is critical

There are too many people who delay having their hearing checked so they don’t realize the severity of their hearing loss until it can no longer be ignored.

Your family and loved ones might be feeling pretty frustrated as well and they’d appreciate you taking action to help with your hearing loss.

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A free hearing check at Express Hearing is a quick and easy way to find out how well you’re hearing.

To make a booking, call our friendly team today on 01625 427 558 or arrange an appointment using the booking form below.

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